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For busy adults, online dating can be a wonderful way to connect with people they wouldn’t otherwise meet. And are our children less likely to engage in risky behaviors if their romances unfold online?Read on as we analyze the good, the concerning, and downright scary sides of teenage digital romances.

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Six in 10 (61%) senior pastors say youth ministry is “one of the top priorities” of their church’s ministry, and 7 percent say it is the single highest priority.

We swooned (or perhaps rolled our eyes) when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks actualized their online relationship in the final scenes of You’ve Got Mail.

At the time of the film’s release, the storyline felt fresh, unique even.

If we want our young people to be prepared for marriage these are the questions that we must ask: In answering these questions, we need to know the criteria by which the answers must be judged.

Our culture finds it hard to make such judgements because the dating scene seems to be an expression of "teenagers in love" - and love is thought to be something that just happens, over which we have no control.

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