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This is the pinkest, most camp game I have ever laid eyes upon, and I’ve played Cho Aniki so I’m well acquainted with camp.

The Pruitts were a tremendously wealthy family who secretly were broke and owed millions to the IRS.

Next you’ll need to choose the location for their outing from a variety of restaurants.

From there, you’ll be the proverbial Cyrano de Bergerac in your client’s ear during the date itself, ensuring they don’t make a massive ass of themselves by forgetting key aspects of their date’s background and personality or by saying something idiotic.

The government decides to let them live in their mansion and keep up appearances, afraid that news of the family’s downfall would lead to an economic collapse.

Diller played the widowed head of the family, who was desperate to maintain the facade of affluence while also plotting ways to raise money to pay back the IRS.

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