Dating vintage jbl d130f speaker

Given the hype and popularity, these few Vibroverbs are extremly valuable and collectable. First, the 15″ speaker sets it apart from most guitar amps.

While most guitar amps have multiple 10″ and 12″ speakers the Vibroverb came with a big Jensen C15n or a JBLd130f, the last one with a huge magnet, aluminium dust cap and flat speaker cone that can be hard to tame in terms of treble, punch and attack.

Both of these were near-copies of Altec Lansing products.

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I built their three tube preamp; I think it was a model wm4.

See our SRV page for more information about Stevie’s tone.

Since Fender did not continue the Vibroverb after the CBS takeover in 1965, most likely because players didn’t desire 1×15″ amps at that time, there are only a few blackface Vibroverb amps out there.

] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two tube amps.

Summary Stevie Ray Vaughan’s musical influence has really hyped the blackface Fender Vibroverb.

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