Who is zac efron dating lily collins dating spots in garden city

Per the report, "Zac was never very serious about her."But instead of asking whether either of the hotties is nursing a broken heart, you should be asking yourself: Were they ever really dating to begin with?! Though Zac and Lily sparked rumors of romance after being spotted a few times on the town (including a Valentine's Day dinner at the exclusive So Ho House in Hollywood), the hype around the "couple" never really took off.

“Zac is really thrilled to be getting to know her.” PHOTOS: Zac Efron Rummages Around On His Balcony Compared to other rising stars like Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton, Collins told NYLON magazine last year she purposely never partied to avoid the downward spiral that so many others in Tinseltown find to be their fate."They hung out a bit, but it was super casual."So what kept things from escalating for the couple that will now never be known as Zily?!"They became friends after being introduced by mutual pals," our source continues. I can't even remember the last time they saw one another...it's been such a long time.Taking to Instagram and Who Say yet again, the actress shared a photo of Campbell Bower kissing her cheek. Campbell Bower, meanwhile, dated a model named Matilda 2013, they were drawn to each other from the moment they became co-stars.

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